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Podium Revenue Operating System

Make Confident Decisions With a Proven Framework for Reporting, Analysis, and Planning

Are you ready to transform your iGaming business into a revenue powerhouse? Our team will help identify and resolve the specific issues that prevent data-driven decisions from benefiting key areas of your business. We will develop infrastructure to gather, organize, and utilize your data to provide insights enabling decisive action to improve key metrics like Lifetime Value, Churn, and Return On Ad Spend.

While maximizing revenue is important for your business, so too should be optimizing Return On Ad Spend. Podium provides auditing and monitoring of marketing initiatives to help optimize spending and reach ROI objectives. We ensure tracking and analysis is transparent and well-implemented, in a language executives can understand. The Podium Revenue Operating System will help your iGaming business reach growth objectives with greater efficiency and ease.

Let Us Help Solve Your Problems

Remote CTO/CIO

If you don't have the internal expertise to develop new programs or strategy, we can help fill the gap. We can act as remote Chief Technical and Information Officer and work with internal employees or external contractors.

Data X Data X Data

Do you have data in multiple places or systems? Google Analytics, Transactional DBs, Media spending, Affiliate systems, etc. Let us help sort out how to manage this mess and make the important data relevant and available.

Data Visibility and Access

We can help identify who the stakeholders are within your organisation and how to provide what they need in real time.

Bespoke Reporting

As your company grows, you will have bespoke reporting needs. Let us help develop a framework to provide this in a scalable manner.

Marketing and iGaming Intelligence

Want to get better or more efficient in your ops? We can help you identify KPIs and processes that improve your business.

Key Systems Surveilence

Once you identify key systems to run your business, let's make sure they're running the way they're supposed to and reliably. We can help develop high availability strategies and implementations.

Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate ourselves, we understand the landscape from multiple angles. We can help with a variety of tasks from strategy, setup, management and optimization.

HVP/VIP Programs and Management

Are you generating the most revenue you can from your players? Let us help you drive retention and lifetime value of your customers.

911 Support

If you anticipate needed frontline support, we can help in any number of ways. Let's discuss your needs.

About Podium

Podium Solutions is a team of high-tech startup vets with iGaming industry savvy. iGaming organizations with growing pains partner with us to launch businesses, accelerate growth, and increase profits. Our tools of the trade include deep technical and product development expertise, high-level strategic business consultation, and multi-disciplinary tactical execution ability.

We're ready to elevate your business, are you?

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