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Automatically identify
high-value customer
segments and deploy
an automated high-touch
engagement program to
maximize VIP revenue.

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iGaming Business Intelligence Aggregate and analyze your data with a BI system tailored for your business. We can help you identify the data most important to your growth and keep it visible across your organization.

New Deposits
Avg. CPA

Optimize Conversion Rates We can set up the marketing tracking and analytical tools required to optimize your customer touch-points, as well as assist with web/app/CRM design and development.

A. Bettorman. clicks banner ad #HG-192 on HeyGenius partner network
New player signup!
New Deposit (FTD) USD 700
Player interest identified #Sports #NewEnglandPatriots.
Promotion delivery triggered #ConsolationBet

1. Intro Consultation

2. Deep Discovery

3. Solution Proposal

4. Continual Delivery

5. Market Maximization

Affiliate Marketing & Channel Performance We can set up your preferred affiliate marketing program and systems - ranging from completely custom to industry-leading tools. We will ensure performance can be compared across all your channels.

Bing Ads
Campaign: Sports Returns
$30,290 GGR Budget: $15,000 Spend: 85%
Affiliate CoolCasinos.biz
Deal: Standard
$12,320 GGR CPA: $125 FTDs: 28
XYZ Display Network
Campaign: Sports Returns
103 FTD Budget: $5,000 Spend: 98%
Google Search
Landing Page: Player Prop Parlays
37 FTD Avg. Rank: 1.8 Trend: Up

Advertise and Expand

Use a comprehensive picture of your marketing channels to get your brand in front of the best customers.

Integrated Consulting

We’re a hybrid between pure software development and management consultation. Leverage our experience building successful companies to help you design, optimize, develop, and grow your business.

Our Philosophy

Our core team members are serial founders and product innovators. We believe an infusion of the energy, focus, and best practices required to succeed in the lightning-speed world of high-tech startups will bring a competitive advantage to your iGaming operation.

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Bespoke Development

We have extensive experience in building and launching consumer products and enterprise tools. If you have a unique value proposition, we can help you make it real.

Koyn Capital and Koyn Pay

A fintech payments system for the iGaming industry. Podium has been a key contributor to the development of the technology platform used by KOYN.