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iGaming Marketing & Operational Consulting

We’ve launched affiliate programs, established and expanded HVP/VIP retention strategies, and intelligently combined marketing and iGaming operations. We believe a wholistic approach is the way to maximize profit, so give us a shout if you’re like-minded and need help establishing an effective marketing and operational organization. We also work with a network of established iGaming consultants and advisors to deliver your special project.

Software & Tech Service Provider

Our team has an extensive background in product development and production systems support. We can help you forget the stress of keeping your technology systems running smoothly and creating value for your team. If you’re looking to get creative with customer-facing tech or tools for your staff, we can work with you straight across from ideation, validation, development, testing, and operational continuity.

Affiliate Site Operator and Acquisition Consultant

We own and operate a growing collection of affiliate properties, as well as help affiliates to shake up their playbook. Our ambition is to improve upon established acquisition strategies with unique content and inventive experiences for customers. We’re always looking for new partners, so whether you’re an operator looking for new customers or an affiliate looking for a fresh approach, we would love to connect!

About Podium

Podium Solutions is a team of high-tech startup vets with iGaming industry savvy. iGaming organizations with growing pains partner with us to launch businesses, accelerate growth, and increase profits. Our tools of the trade include deep technical and product development expertise, high-level strategic business consultation, and multi-disciplinary tactical execution ability.


Marketing Activity Support

We have experience with iGaming marketing activity and can support, fill gaps or lead initiatives.

Marketing and iGaming Intelligence

Want to get better or more efficient in your ops? We can help you identify KPIs and processes that improve your business.

Marketing Data Management

We can support a wide array of needs from data hosting, intelligence and multi-source aggregation. Let's make your data more useful and valuable.

Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate, we understand the landscape from multiple angles. We can help with a variety of tasks from strategy, setup, management and optimization.

HVP/VIP Programs and Management

Are you generating the most revenue you can from your players? Let us help you drive retention and lifetime value of your customers.

Platform Expertise

Every organization is setup a little different. If your expertise is not in technical ops or development, we can supplement your team.

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