Latest Projects

We're thrilled to have helped our clients with these exciting projects.

iGaming Operator

Our client (iGaming Managed Services Co.) was acquired! We moved into a key transitional-support role to ensure the new owner can inject their expert capabilities and maximize the value of their new asset.

iGaming Managed Services Co.

A Canadian online casino and sportsbook managed services company. Led high-impact technology initiatives, substantially improved capabilities and resolved deficiencies of their iGaming platform, created analysis tools tailor-fit to leadership and operational-staff requirements. Supported through acquisition process.

Sports Media Website

A Canadian-oriented sports media website with professional and innovative writers and live second-screen sports features. We took this from a concept stage by the stakeholder, shepherded through ideation and elaboration, and ultimately designed, developed and managed the website.


Unique casino affiliate website incentivizing gameplay through promotional contests. Executed with a focus on cost-reduction, and R&D approaches to guide product direction.


A web-base crypto payments product for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unique capabilities included instantly available funds for select use-cases.


We helped an innovative pet-tech startup design their mobile app that keeps vehicle interiors at a safe temperature for animals. Responsible for designing interactive app mockups for use by their tech team and fundraising process, and contributed to product development roadmapping.